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Bob's Blasts


Bob's Blast

July, 2018

July 2018 marks the 108th month of the economic expansion making it the second longest in history.  If the economy continues on its current path, this time next year we’ll be looking at the longest in history.  While it hasn’t been the strongest recovery in US history, this slower recovery may allow the expansion to continue longer than expected.  Lower than average economic growth hasn’t caused the typical excesses that tend to build up and cause recessions, and many economic models aren’t predicting a recession in the next year.  Unfortunately, recession predictions haven’t been historically accurate; and typically, we don’t know we are in one until we are well into it.   Which is another reason we continue to maintain well diversified portfolios and encourage protection for money needed in the next 3-5 years.  

Check Beneficiaries

We may sound like a broken record at times, but we always want to remind you to keep your beneficiary designations and estate planning up-to-date.  When most of us think about our money and property, we want to ensure it is passed on to our heirs per our wishes. Keeping beneficiary designations and a will up-to-date are very important pieces of the financial planning process, and we encourage reviewing at least annually or during any major life change, i.e. marriage, divorce, death or birth of a child. Something else to consider, which you may not have given much or any thought to, is an ethical will or legacy letter.

Ethical Wills

An ethical will, or legacy letter, is a way to share your values, blessings, life lessons, hopes and dreams for the future as well as love and forgiveness with your family, friends and community.  An ethical will is not a legal document - it does not distribute your material wealth.  It is a heartfelt expression of what truly matters most in your life.  You can also experience the benefits of writing your ethical will during your life.  By articulating what you value most in life, reflecting on personal experiences and thinking about decisions you made, you can learn more about yourself.  An ethical will can be a tool for self-reflection and possibly self-improvement. 

Ethical wills have no standard form or structure.  They can be a formal letter, a video, audio recording or whatever form is most comfortable for you. Beneficiary designations, wills and trusts ensure your financial assets are passed on according to your wishes.  An ethical will can help pass along, in your own words, important thoughts, feelings or advice for the next generation.  It can also be a way to pass along a future message to someone who may be too young to understand at the time of your death.  There are many resources online to help with an ethical will or legacy letter.  We are also here to help if needed.

Update Us

We are always watching the markets, staying informed with fund managers and looking for new ideas to help you meet your long-term goals.  We also try to point out non-investment ideas which may be as, if not more, important than market returns.   Please keep us aware of anything on your mind, whether it be investment or non-investment related.  We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us and will continue to look for opportunities and ideas to help you meet your goals and objectives.


This material is meant for general illustration and/or informational purposes only.  Views expressed in this newsletter may not reflect the views of Royal Alliance Associates, Inc.  It is our goal to help investors by identifying changing market conditions.  However, investors should be aware that no financial advisor can accurately predict all of the changes that may occur in the market.  There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment. This article contains forward looking statements and projections.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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